Thursday, November 03, 2011

Throne of Fire

The Throne of Fire Rick Riordan

Aphosis- the snake of Chaos- is rising. Sadie, Carter, and the other magicians need to find a way to stop him before he destroys the world. Their only chance is finding and wakening Ra. But they can’t all do that, because an army is coming to attack Brooklyn House, and all the other magicians in the House of Life think the Kanes are evil.

Oh, and it’s Sadie’s birthday.

Epic adventure quest filled with mythical gods and monsters? Yes! It is, after all, Riordan.

Very enjoyable and fun. I continue to love the duel narration of this series. My favorite was Bes, the dwarf god, who travels with and protects the Kanes because Bast has to spy on Aphosis.

I’m a huge fan of Riordan’s children’s work (I haven’t reviewed any of the Percy Jackson stuff because I listen to it and I don’t review audio books, but I really like them) for great rip-roaring adventure. Plus, you learn things about mythology and ancient cultures and that’s always awesome.

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