Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Teen Idol

Teen Idol Meg Cabot

Everyone likes Jen Greeley. She smooths everything over, she's a unassuming and just... nice. She's the mayonnaise that holds the sandwich of her friends and high school together. People like her so much that she's the secret person behind the school's paper super-popular "Ask Annie" advice column. She's also chosen to be student guide for a new transfer student. Only... Lucas isn't any transfer student-- he's a teen actor who's going undercover to learn what high school is like for an upcoming movie.

Classic Meg Cabot. Luke and Jen become friends, which means that Jen's actual crush Scott thinks she's taken. Only, Jen doesn't realize she's in love with Scott. Readers and everyone else does, but Jen doesn't. Either does Scott.

And then, of course, everyone finds out Luke's real identity and it all hits the fan.

I really liked Luke's reactions to high school. He thought the high school he knew from movies and TV was exaggerated-- he didn't realize that it was even worse in real life. His outsiders prospective also goads Jen into taking a stand and making some serious changes-- everyone liking you means you have some social capital to use. I also really liked that none of Jen's drama was overly self-created. I think some of the change she's able to spearhead is a bit far-fetched, but I liked Jen a lot-- she was strong with enough uncertainty to still read as "real."

Classic Cabot. Love.

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