Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Specialists

Let it be stated for the record that I really liked this series and am totally bummed that it got discontinued.

Also, I read these books a few years ago, so short reviews based on what I remember.

The Winning Element Shannon Greenland

Beaker and GiGi are off to a cheerleading competition (oh the LOLS!) to track down a chemical smuggler who not only has a big deal that needs to be stopped, but is also killed GiGi's parents.

Overall, I liked the suspense and the mission and the humor of GiGi and Beaker as cheerleaders. One thing that annoyed me was TL. He gave GiGi control of the mission, but micro-managed and reversed every decision she made. She didn't want the responsibility, but he made her take it and then he took away all of her authority. He pretty much set her up to fail, but no one realizes this in the book. I wanted to smack him.

Native Tongue Shannon Greenland

So, a legendary vase turns up and several South American Indian tribes claim it as their cultural heritage. There's a big summit in the jungle to decide which tribe gets it. GiGi and Parrot are on the case-- Parrot as a translator and GiGi because there are some cave hieroglyphics that may say who gets the vase, but no one can read them, but with GiGi's code breaking abilities, she might be able to. Only problem is one of the guys is the bad guy from Parrot's past (is every book dealing with bad guys from the past? I'm remembering yes, but don't quote me on that one.)

IIRC, the Native content is handled really well. I also remember the tension.

And not all the lose ends of over-reaching plots were tied up. WE WANT MORE! GIVE US MORE!

Ah well.

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