Monday, October 24, 2011


Dragonbreath Ursula Vernon

Danny Dragonbreath has 2 major problems:

1. He can’t breathe fire. He keeps thinking hot thoughts but nothing happens. Not only is his dad on his case about it, the bullies at school don’t believe he’s a real dragon.

2. He failed his science report about the ocean. He has one night to rewrite it.

To deal with problem number 2, Danny and his best friend are off to visit Danny’s cousin the sea monster so they can learn all about the ocean.

Lots of silly fun. It’s a good hybrid of text, illustration, and green-tinged graphic novel. I expected some sort of author’s note or pull-out boxes about what was true and what wasn’t about their undersea adventures. I think it would have been cool if they had it, but it’s not necessary (it just seems weird that it’s missing-- that seems like such a staple these days).

ANYWAY. A sure-fire hit with the younger side of middle grade. Danny’s exuberance and gung-ho attitude gets him into trouble, but will make him a reader favorite.

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