Monday, October 10, 2011

Cybils! Cybils! Cybils!

It's Cybils time again!

Mosey on over here to nominate your top picks for the past year. You have until SATURDAY.

I'm on the nominating committee for Middle Grade/Young Adult Nonfiction again this year, after a year off last year. This is my favorite category because nonfiction is AWESOME and slightly insane. (Insane? YES-- all the drama and craziness of fiction, but IT'S REAL.)

My pile is not big enough. Please make it bigger!

(Those are some of the nominated Cybils books. It does NOT include ones I've already read, ones my libraries don't own, or ones where my hold hasn't come in yet. Most importantly, it doesn't include the book YOU WILL NOMINATE.)

This is a category that pretty much always has the shortest nomination list. That makes me sad. Help a sister out. My reading from now until December should be full of awesome truth that I've never heard before.

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