Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wolf Mark

Wolf Mark Joseph Bruchac

I am so excited that this book is FINALLY out so I can start shoving it into people's hands and making them read it.

Here's my short annotation:

When Luke’s ex-government agent father is taken, Luke devises a plan to break into the shady corporation at the edge of town to rescue him. Luckily, he’s just discovered he’s a werewolf. Unfortunately, his Russian mafia classmates might have also just discovered this as well.

Longer version:

Lucas's dad used to be black-ops with the Marines--special missions that didn't technically exist. But then Lucas's mom died, and so did Uncle Cal, Lucas's dad's best friend and intelligence partner. Now Lucas and his dad live in a trailer on the edge of town, where Lucas remembers all the training his father and Cal gave him and his dad just drinks and smokes his way into oblivion.

Then Lucas's dad is taken and the old codes-- the one that Lucas never thought they'd ever have to use are brought out and Lucas stumbles into something much more complex and dangerous than he ever imagined.

Basically, this book has the Russian Mafia, bad evil corporations, teen spies, and lots and lots of action. Oh, and werewolves. And vampires.

Think Alex Rider, but with paranormal abilities that mean he doesn't need as many awesome gadgets.

Seriously kick ass fun. Plus, a werewolf/vampire book that's totally boy friendly.

Plus, it's Bruchac and one of Lee and Low's new Tu books. Tu is an imprint specifically looking for fantasy/sci fi with characters of color. Bruchac is known for writing books with authentic Native American characters and themes. Lucas is Abeneki and the hott love interest is Pakistani. Plus, you know, Russian mobsters.

Lucas's werewolf abilities come from Abeneki werewolf stories (more shapshifters than turn-into-a-monter-at-full-moon types.) BUT! There is also some German blood in his heritage as well, and so he also has some of that European flavor of werewolf mixed in. I love how Bruchac mixed different cultural legends and myths about werewolves and molded them into one solid world while acknowledging what came from where. It's done very well.

It's just an awesome thrill ride with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. A great book for readers who like action, spy thrillers and are a bit burned out on paranormal. YES paranormal! NO melancholy, love triangles, or wallowy ick.

Galley (pre-ARC) Provided by... the publisher, for use in my MLA presentation on diversity.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, does that sound terrific! I am placing my request now. :)


Ms. Yingling said...

Bruchac is a hard sell in my library, but anything with werewolves is a hit, so I'll have to take a look. Congratulations on being named to the Cybils panel! I'll look forward to reading your reviews.