Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Uncommon Criminals

Uncommon Criminals Ally Carter

Since the successful Henley Heist, Kat has been doing jobs by herself, tracking down paintings stolen by Nazis and stealing them back to return them to their rightful owners. Then a woman comes to Kat speaking about the Cleopatra Diamond. The Cleopatra Diamond is cursed. Stealing it is forbidden, but the woman tells Kat that Visiliy Romani sent her so Kat feels she has no choice.

But, in this con, Kat was the mark and as she tries to make it right, the diamond's curse seems to be wreaking its havoc on Kat’s team. Plus! Some Kat/Hale/Nick drama-rama.

I loved that the boy drama was there but wasn’t the focus of the plot. I loved that when the deals go down, the reader’s never entirely sure how much is planned and how much is luck and how much is good improv on the part of Kat and her team. I love her team-- Carter has such great supporting characters. I especially want more Gabrielle--that girl has depths that we’re just beginning to glimpse.

I just become a bigger Carter fangirl with every book of hers I read. New Gallagher Girls in March 2012!

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