Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Spook's Bestiary

The Last Apprentice: The Spook's Bestiary: The Guide to Creatures of the Dark Joseph Delaney

When the library at Chippenden burned, this was the only book left. A companion book to the Last Apprentice series, it explains all the creatures of the dark that the Spook and Tom have encountered, complete with annotations of further information learned by the Spook, Tom, and other apprentices. We also get some new background stories, such as what happened the first time Morgan tried to raise Golgoth.

What’s most interesting is there is a lot of information on Romanian old gods, witches, demons and elementals. We haven’t seen Delaney’s Romania yet, but my curiously is definitely piqued and I’m guessing (hoping) that this means the next book will take place in Romania. I wonder why and how??

I really like Delaney's in-between books in this series and how they really flesh out other characters and give background information--some of which is vital and some of which is just rather interesting.


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