Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sisters Grimm: The Inside Story

The Sisters Grimm: Book Eight: The Inside Story (Sisters Grimm, The) Michael Buckley

The Grimm sisters are inside the Book of Everafter, running through various storylines as they try to track down the Master and save their baby brother. They have to rely on all their fairy tale knowledge, because the Editor is after them to make sure the stories stay as written.

I like how in this one, Daphne and Sabrina are inside the fairy tales, instead of the fairy tale characters being inside the real world. It gives us a different perspective. Lots of adventure as always and FINALLY Sabrina seems to be growing a bit as a person.

My only complaint is that this book has been out for over a year and we have to wait until Spring 2012 for the final installment.

Also, am I the only one who thinks that the new TV show, Once Upon a Time, looks like Sisters Grimm, but for grownups? I'm very excited for it. Too bad ABC's the only station our antennae won't properly tune. I'll be watching it online the next day, I guess.

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PS. Thanks for this recommendation. I read the 1st one sometime ago. I'll revisit.