Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rip Tide

Rip Tide Kat Falls

I loved Dark Life. In the second book of the trilogy, Ty's parents have set up a sale of their crops to a township named Drift. When they go to drop off the crops, they're kidnapped. Meanwhile, Ty's found another township that was anchored to the ocean floor, with the doors chained from the outside.

As Ty and Gemma rush to rescue his parents, they're sucked deeper into the complicated web of Commonwealth politics and the underworld or politics and economy.

I loved this look at another side of the 'Wealth. In addition to the Topsiders and Settlers, we have Surfs- surfeit population. They live on large floating townships, but can't fish near the coast or near the Benthic Territory. The government also cut most of their rations. They're starving and desperate, a situation that politicians with no oversight don't have a problem taking advantage of.

Just like in Dark Life Falls knows how to perfectly marry heart-stopping non-stop action with complicated politics and intrigue. My favorite part about dystopian fiction usually isn't the action, but exploring the politics of the new world. Catching Fire is my favorite Hunger Games book for this very reason. A lot of authors do action or politics, alternating between the two, but Falls does both at the same time and does both really well.

I'm really enjoying this series and the underwater life-- I'm surprised it doesn't have more readers.

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Charlotte said...

I like the first one quite a lot myself! I'm looking forward to this one.