Friday, September 09, 2011

Poetry Friday: May There Always be Sunshine

This is a song I sang when I was a child, in Russian and in English. It was a Young Pioneer song in the USSR, the Cold War was still happening and I grew up in the hometown of Josephy McCarthy, but we still sang it. We sang it for peace and friendship. And the Cold War ended and Russia is no longer the enemy.

 It's amazing what a difference 10 years can make. I was watching TV last week and there was a shot of the pre-9/11 Manhattan skyline and it looked weird. I remember how empty our current skyline looked for months. When did I get used to it? When did a 9/10 skyline become the weird one? And yet we're still at war.

 I was driving to work today, stuck in traffic near the Pentagon, listening to a news report about a new terror threat to DC or New York this weekend. This song popped back into my head. I hadn't thought about it in years, but it came back to me this morning.

 May there always be sunshine
May there always be blue skies
May there always be mama
May there always be me.

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Tabatha said...

That's a great connection, Jennie. I remember that song from when my kids were younger. Very nice.

DougWheeler said...

Because we want better,
Because we know better,
Because we hope, we plan.
Because we plan, we work.
Because we work, it gets better.
The songs in our hearts matter.

Thanks for posting.

Katie said...

I love that song! I have the Jim Gill version, and I've been hoping to bring it in to story time one of these days.

I, too, am amazed at the changes in ten years, and amazed that it has actually been ten years. I lived in upstate NY then, and I live in DC now, so the idea of another threat does make me nervous, but I'm trying to be thankful, as the song suggests, for the little things.

Thanks for this post.

Mary Lee said...

Great song. So little says so much.

(word verification agrees: lesse)