Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bake Sale

Bake Sale Sara Varon

Cupcake owns the Sweet Tooth bakery and is in a bit of a baking rut. He needs to try something new and shake it up a bit. Then he discovers that his best friend Eggplant knows Turkish Delight, who is only the GREATEST pastry chef in the world. Eggplant invites Cupcake to Istanbul with him, but Cupcake can't afford it. In order to earn extra money, Cupcake starts selling baked goods at several different events around town and working extra hours.

I love Sara Varon's work. Robot Dreams blew me away. It's even on our summer reading list for rising 5th graders, which is pretty impressive when you consider that Robot Dreams is wordless.

Bake Sale has words (and recipes!). I loved watching Cupcake go through the morning routine of baking and making coffee before opening. I liked how Cupcake and Eggplant hung out at the diner and I loved Cupcake's band. I really enjoyed the whole subplot with the band. (Cupcake has to quit the band in order to sell more backed goods.) And, in typical Varon style, instead of having a Brooklyn inhabited by Chickens or Dogs, this time Brookyn was filled with anthropomorphic food.

I also love how Varon's illustration style-- walking and talking animals and food, in a washed out pastel palate could easily be too twee and cutesy, but doesn't go there.

Another book to just cement my Varon love.

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