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Adult Romance with Sarah Maclean

I loved Sarah MacLean’s YA historical romance/ mystery The Season to bits and pieces. So much that was willing to make a leap into Adult Romance to read her other books. Now, I like romance. There’s a lot that I put down 50 pages in, but when I find one I like, I can’t put it down until it’s done. For me, it’s the ultimate escape reading. Her three adult romances are linked, so I'm reviewing them all at once. They're very juicy and funny. The heroines are all strong and even if the guys make them go weak at the knees, they're not swooning all over-- they know how useful it is to brace onself against a wall so said guy doesn't *know* you're going all weak at the knees.

These are regency romances and I liked how she dealt with the history-- just the right amount of detail. Also, wonderful dresses.

Now, these are adult romances, so... there's a lot more than just kissing.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake Sarah MacLean

Callie has mostly accepted that the rest of her life will be spent on the spinster seating at balls. But, she still wants to live a life of excitement and passion. Given that her age makes it so she won’t be married anyway, who the hell cares about her reputation? She’s made a list of things she wants to experience, most being things that well-bred women should never do. Like attend a duel and ride astride.

The first thing on her list is to kiss someone-- passionately. So, in the middle of the night she shows up on the doorstep of Gabriel St. John (Marquess of Ralston, notorious rake, and Callie’s first crush) to cross off item #1.

Gabriel has just discovered that the mother that walked out on him and his twin brother had another child, a daughter. Their mother walked out on her, too. Juliana’s father has passed away and she’s arrived at the St. John doorstep, all alone.

Gabriel gives Callie that kiss, but in return she must make Juliana accepted by the ton.

And, of course, Callie and Gabriel might just fall in love in the process.

I loved Callie. I like how even though life was not what she wanted it to be, she’s not whiny about it. She just changes what she wants from life. I love her family, especially her older brother. And of course I love the mischief that Callie gets herself into.

Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord Sarah MacLean

Gabriel’s twin brother, Nicholas has long enjoyed being the younger brother. Unfettered by the demands of a title, he has a daring and secret past that the Duke of Leighton needs to take advantage of.

Isabel Townsend is the daughter of a wastral Earl. He has gambled her away in numerous poker games and let his estate fall to ruin. It keeps her out of the public eye, which suits her just fine-- it allows her to have a safe house for fallen women and those who have had to run. She’s run out of money and has decided to sell her mother’s marble statues. There’s only one person who can appraise them and he’s already on his way...

I loved finding out more about Nicholas and his past. I also loved the work that Isabel was doing. Leighton was a minor character in Nine Rules to Break and I liked seeing him taken down a peg or two.

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart Sarah MacLean

As readers of the series know, Simon Pearson, the Duke of Leighton, has always been overly obsessed with appearance and propriety. With his sister living up north with Nick and Isabel, he’s even more obsessed with keeping things looking perfect.

But, ever since he met her, he’s found himself drawn to Juliana. When he found out who, and what, she was, he’s stayed away, but fate keeps throwing them together.

Juliana is getting used to life in England. But the new life she’s worked so hard for and built up is thrown back into chaos when her mother walks back into London life.

A most delicious end to a most delicious series. I like the focusing on each of the St. John siblings in turn. I especially liked hearing from the female sibling! The addition of their mother was a nice touch. Not only did add more than a little drama to the story, but the reaction to her, and the mixed feelings added a lot of heart as well.

Love this series. Love love love

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