Wednesday, August 17, 2011


OverbiteOverbite Meg Cabot

it's been 6 months since the action at the end of Insatiable. Meena and Alairic are just collegues. Lucien has completely disappeared. Meena's on to a theory that Lucien can still be good but Lucien has found the Minetta stream under Manhattan and is drawing evil power from it. He's been too weak, but he feels it's time to full embrace his title of Prince of Darkness. Meena's can't deal with all of that right now though, because a rising star new priest has arrived from South America and the politics and policies of the Palatine Guard are about to explode in a major way.

I didn't enjoy this one as much as Insatiable-- not as much sexual tension (which Cabot tends to do really well) and not as much of Meena using her gift of death prediction, or as much of the supporting cast. It's also just a lot shorter--it focused mainly on one plot and I missed some of the side stuff that could have been fleshed out more. THAT SAID, I still really did like it. It was a nice end to the story (I don't think there will be anymore) and I liked the working in of the Minetta Stream (a real thing!) and the book of days. It just all seemed a bit... rushed. I almost wish that she would have stretched the story out more, added some more major battles and made it a trilogy.

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