Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Looking Hard? or Hardly Looking?

So remember te WSJ article that started with the mother at the Barnes and Noble in Bethesda, completely unable to find anything suitable for her 13-year-old? Because it was all too dark and YA lit is a monolithic genre (instead of an age range with many genres) is sending horrible messages to our kids and making them depressed? And then suggested that we read Ship Breaker because apparently that one's light and cheery? (Did they miss the whole drunk and drugged murderous father? And the exploited children? And EVERYTHING ELSE in that book?)

Anyway, I went to the Barnes and Noble here in Arlingon, just on the other side of DC to see how dark and scary their YA section is!

SO HARD to find non-depressing, non-dark books for 13-year-old girls. SO HARD!

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Melissa said...

*eyeroll* You'd think they'd *ask* a bookseller as well...

Michelle said...


My B&N in Springfield is equally dark. Only not so much.