Monday, August 29, 2011

Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth

Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth Eoin Colfer

The Woodman brothers (whom we first met in the Legend of Spud Murphy) are back and on holiday on the Irish Coast. Oldest brother Marty likes terrifying his younger brothers with the tale of Captain Crow, whose ghost searches the shores for the cabin boy that got the better of him in life. Will's pretty sure that Captain Crow's coming for him this summer, and the town's obsession with the tale, which comes to head at the junior-junior disco for 9-12s isn't helping!

Definitely a hilarious tale, made funnier by illustrations by Glenn McCoy, what I loved most was the interaction between the brothers, especially HP. HP's very bright, but only talks in baby-talk when his parents can hear him, because he realized that babies get away with everything. The concept of the junior-junior disco made me laugh, as did Will's nervous excitement looking up to it and complete disappointment that it ends up being. A fun and funny story for younger middle grade kids. It's also fun to compare Colfer's work here with his stuff for teens, such as The Supernaturalist.

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