Sunday, August 21, 2011

History Just Keeps Repeating

I'm currently reading a fascinating book on the Peshtigo Fire that I hope to review on Monday.

But I came across a quotation that I wanted to share:

On this questions of fuel, we are to calculate by ages of the Earth, and not by the life of man. Fuel will be required so long as man shall inherit the Earth, for his comfort and for existence. Without fuel, humanity would cease to exist. Viewed in this light, the deposits laid up during uncounted periods of time... in the shape of coal, petroleum and peat, and which man is now drawing out and using for fuel or wasting, must be exhausted.--Increase Lapham

It's still a relevant statement. But it was written in 1867 and he was talking mainly about the deforestation of Wisconsin's virgin forests.

Also, as a side note, about 6 months ago, I read several baby naming books (my favorite being Bring Back Beatrice!) and I learned that old-fashioned names, or "colonial graveyard names" are currently very in. Names like Abigail, Emma, Charlotte, etc. So I really, really hope we're about to see a slew of little boys named Increase.

Book Provided by... my local library for the one on the fire. Bring Back Beatrice was sent for review by the publisher. It's not what I review on this blog, so I didn't, but their timing was perfect as I was trying to name a baby, so I did read it and used it and loved it, so I wanted to give it a shout-out.

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