Thursday, August 18, 2011

Booking Through Thursday

This week's question is:

You’ve just had a long, hard, exhausting day, and all you want to do is curl up with something light, fun, easy, fluffy, distracting, and entertaining.
What book do you pick up?

Meg Cabot. I self medicate with Meg Cabot books all the time.

In fact, here's my proven cure for a pick-me-up after a long, awful day.*

1. While driving home, put on the Glee soundtrack and sing along really, really loudly.
2. Come home, give puppy kisses.
3. Turn on dance music like Lady Gaga,Robyn, or Madonna.
4. Dance around the kitchen while mixing a cocktail.
5. Turn on chill music likeAdele, She and Him, or Belle and Sebastian
6. Read Meg Cabot and drink cocktail.

You'll notice Kung-fu Princess (Biblio Baby's new nickname) doesn't play a role in this. That's because this dates back from before she was around.
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1 comment:

Mr. NelsonM said...

I bet when Kung Fu Princess grows up she'll be *Dangerous*!