Friday, June 24, 2011

Prime Baby

Prime BabyPrime Baby Gene Luen Yang

Thaddeus K. Fong knows something's not right with his baby sister. At 18 months, all she says is "ga." His parents don't see this speech delay as an issue, but when Thaddeus discovers that she says "ga" in prime numbers... well, clearly she's an alien.

Of course, she isn't really. She's an inter-dimensional portal so alien slugs who are Missionaries of smiles and happy feelings. They knit a lot of socks. How can Thaddeus save the world from these guys?

It's a bit bizarre and pretty funny. It was originally serialized in the New York Times Magazine. The age range is a bit weird. We have it in our teen section (and our teen acquistions librarian said they had a really hard time deciding where to put it, children, teen, or adult) Thaddeus is 8. And acts like he's 8. But a lot of the humor will be missed on your average 8-year-old. There are a lot of great 1-liners in here. "My mother's womb is a Trojan horse, I tell you."

It's really short and I kinda wanted MORE, but I think the length would have worked really well in its original serialized format.

Overall, a fun, super-quick read that proves sometimes, it's not always sibling jealousy. Sometimes, your baby sister really *is* an alien.

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