Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dead is Not an Option

Dead Is Not an OptionDead Is Not an Option Marlene Perez

There's never a quiet day in Nightshade.

Tension is running high between the Were and Vamp population, with people being attacked on both sides. Daisy and the Council are doing their best to avoid full-on war, but it's hard. Things get so bad that prom gets canceled in the name of safety.

At the same time Dracula's in town and his grandson is Poppy's new guy, and Circe is back and Council doesn't seem that concerned that she's not doing anything to help turn Bam and Lily back into themselves.

To top it all off, high school is almost done and Daisy hasn't heard back from ANY of her college applications, yes or no. Everyone else knows what they're doing, except for Daisy.

Good-- we finally find out who's in charge of the Scourge. While it was hinted at pretty heavily in this book, I don't remember any clues pointing in that direction in previous volumes.

More good-- this ISN'T the end of the series! Hurrah! No cliffhanger endings where I MUST KNOW MORE, but characters I enjoy and love, a fun voice, and a great balance of dark mystery and light beach read make me gobble these up.

Sad-- we lose a character we know and love. :(

This is a bit darker than previous installments (see the sad above!) but overall, do you like the series? Yes? Then this is a good one. If you haven't read the series yet, go back and start with the first one and work your way up to this one.

Oh! And there's a cool librarian that plays a minor role in this one. I knew I could trust her. She was a librarian, after all. It was their job to save lives with books (p56)

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