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Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters

Confessions Of The Sullivan SistersConfessions Of The Sullivan Sisters Natalie Standiford

When The Almighty (otherwise known as their grandmother) declares that a member of the Sullivan clan has offended her greatly, and therefore the entire family will be cut out of her will, the family decides it must have been one of the girls. The only way for the family to regain their promised wealth is for the guilty party to confess, so the three Sullivan sisters write out their confessions.

Norrie dated an older man (interestingly enough, no one really mentions that he is probably African-American, the issue is his age and what happens in their relationship, which I really liked.)

Jane wrote a blog publicizing the family's secrets.

Sassy became immortal.

The premise is interesting and I liked the internal politics that play out in their set of Baltimore's upper crust. I liked how the sisters dealt with their wealth and society and tried to find themselves in the world they had been born to. The tone is light and often funny.

Overall though, I just liked the Sullivan family. I liked the sibling relationships and their relationship with their parents, especially Daddy-O. Sometimes their parents are absent or just clueless, but even though they don't have the most respect for them (especially their mother) the kids obviously love their parents and their parents obviously love and care for them. I also really liked the character of The Almighty. The Sullivan grandmother is the grand dame of Baltimore society, but through the book we see her struggles and private life that round her out a bit more for both the reader and the rest of her family.

I really liked it.

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