Saturday, April 23, 2011

National Poetry Month: Abraham

by Lilah Khoja

"Take it" and
"You have to" and
"I Command You."
and memories run through his mind and
memories run through
his mind and memories
run through his mind and
memories seep into
his fingertips.
and again, "Take it." "I Command You." and "You have to."
and and and and the blade feels heavy
as his heart
and he can't hear his wife's
tears and he can't hear
his heart's beat.

white noise...

and then relief:
a feather in his hand,
a feather in his heart.

"WriteGirl is a nonprofit organization for high school girls centered on the craft of creative writing and empowerment through self-expression. Through one-on-one mentoring and monthly workshops, girls are given techniques, insights and hot tips for great writing in all genres from professional women writers."

They do some pretty awesome stuff in fostering the writing voices of young women. The young women they work with produce some even more awesome stuff.

This week I'll be highlighting poems from Silhouette: Bold Lines & Voices from Writegirl, an anthology of work produced by young writers in the program. In addition to the written works, the book also contains tips and writing exercises for readers who want to do their own writing.

Book Provided by... Writegirl, for review consideration

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