Friday, March 25, 2011

Poetry Friday

It's Cherry Blossom Time! Not only is it the prettiest time of year here in DC (at least when the weather cooperates) but it's my second favorite time of year to drive to work.* I spent a lot of time stuck in traffic on the 14th Street Bridge, but it offers a great view of all the cherry trees lining the Potomac.

(that's me at the festival last spring ETA Photo taken by Dan, who is awesome and should not have been left out of the original post!)

Here's a haiku I wrote while stuck in traffic in 2008:

Cherry blossom rain
Makes way for unfurling leaves
The river sparkles

Today's Poetry Friday round up is over at A Year of Reading!

*My most favorite is August, when Congress and the rest of the government go on vacation so there's very little traffic.


danrothschild said...


Jennie said...

MY BAD! It's in there now!

Mary Lee said...

Lots of cherry blossoms and haiku in the roundup this week! Love yours. Great photo, Dan!

Kerry Aradhya said...

Thanks for sharing your haiku. I love cherry blossom season, too! That's too funny about August being your favorite time of the year...but understandable :)