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Demonglass (A Hex Hall Novel)Demonglass Rachel Hawkins

So, I *loved* Hex Hall. Luckily, Demonglass didn't disappoint!

Sophie has decided to go through the Removal. She can't handle the risks of turning out like her great-grandmother. Before her father will allow it, she has to agree to spend the summer with him at Council headquarters in England.

So, with Jenna and Cal in tow, Sophie's off to England where she learns that the Council is in deep trouble-- the Eye and the Council are at war. Someone's raising demons they can't control. And well... Archer's in England and has a habit of popping up at inconvenient times. Plus, Sophie has to take lessons from her father to learn to control her powers.

As the politics and twists get bigger and more sinister, the stakes and danger get higher.

It has all the wit and humor, as well as the sexual tension of the first, but with a lot more suspense. I still love Sophie's voice and I loved discovering that she gets her sarcasm from her father. I liked how their relationship grows over the book as they learn to trust each other. I also really liked the intrigue of the shifting politics and alliances as the war progresses.

AND! I like that it proves my suspicion that I'm down with paranormal as long as it's not angst-ridden.

And the surprise revelations!!! HELLO!!!!

Now, this is the second book in a trilogy, and the seconds in trilogy's always end at a !!!!!??!!!!! moment (Catching Fire and The Empire Strikes Back, I'm looking at you! It's hard to leave a story right when you discover that the Seam doesn't exist anymore, or with Han frozen* and given to Boba Fett and Luke discovering that Vader is HIS FATHER!) And yes, this ending is the same. AIY! And we have to wait at least a year to see how it all ends!!!!

So, in case you couldn't tell by all the exclamation points and random Star Wars tangents, I loved the book.  It was more awesome than the first one and I cannot wait until the third comes out.

*Ok, this is totally unrelated to ANYTHING besides my undying love for Han Solo. But check out all these cool things you can get of Han frozen in carbonite. I want the Lego.

ARC Provided by... publisher at ALA midwinter, because I squealed when I saw it.

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