Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Daughters

The DaughtersThe Daughters Joanna Philbin

So, I read the second book in the series first, liked it so much that I went out and got the first one.

Lizzie, Carina, and Hudson have been best friends forever. As the daughters of the rich, famous, and powerful, they have their own rules on how to get by in the world.

Lizzie's mother is one of the world's most famous supermodels. Lizzie, however, looks more like her academic father than her glamorous mother and resents always being pulled into her mother's spotlight.

But, when her mother is in Paris, Lizzie's discovered as a fresh face of "real beauty" realizes that when she's not overshadowed by her mother, she actually enjoys the spotlight. But she quickly learns that there is more to modeling, and her mother's career than she ever realized.

To top it all off, Todd, the guy she shared her first kiss with when she was 12, right before he moved to London, is back in town...

What I really like about this series that Lizzie, Hudson, and Carina are super rich, yes, but their lives aren't all about the money. It's not a lot of catty, backstabby drama. There's no drugs or sex and their friendship is pretty solid. I hate to say that they're good role models, because that's a bit kiss of death-y, but they are. It's refreshing to read a book about nice people with lots of money.

Plus! Lots of Manhattan-y goodness and private school drama (just because the main characters are nice doesn't mean all of their classmates are!). It's a really fun read and I'm enjoying the series.

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