Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine (A Blue Bloods Book) (Blue Bloods Novel)Bloody Valentine Melissa de la Cruz

Taking place after Misguided Angel and before October's Lost in Time, this is another one of the short in-between books, like Keys to the Repository, but better.

Unlike Keys to the Repository, this book doesn't have a lot of background information that fans already know. This is rather a collection of short stories that give deep backstory or move the action forward.

We have one set in New York that shows Oliver's life without Schuyler and gives us a glimpse of de la Cruz's adult summer release Witches of East End. We get the story of Allegra and Charles in high school and the beginning of Allegra's relationship with Schuyler's father. AND! AND! AND! Schuyler and Jack are planning their bonding ceremony, if they can escape all the Venators chasing them!

I loved Schuyler and Jack's story, because I just love Schuyler in general, but I found Allegra's story much more fascinating. We got part of her back story in Misguided Angel and now we're getting even more (with hints back to "what happened in Florence") and I like these clues coming together that I feel are going to add up to something big, but we're still missing some big pieces of the puzzle.

It's a great book for fans to hold us over until October. I like how much this one adds, not only to the Blue Bloods universe, but also to the immediate story arc. In many series, in-between books like this can be filler material that fans will enjoy anyway, because they're fans, but they really aren't important to the overall series. This one is. There are clues and plot points that are going to have huge repercussions in the series, so pick it up!

Also, stop by tomorrow when I'll be interviewing Melissa de la Cruz herself!

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