Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keys to the Repository

Keys to the RepositoryKeys to the Repository Melissa de la Cruz

This is a Blue Bloods novel, but not part of the current story arc. However, it fits between The Van Alen Legacy and Misguided Angel if you want to beware of spoilers (and there are some.)

In it, we get repository files on our main characters. A lot of this information is review for fans of the series, but I could see it being useful for readers who don't have a memory for character detail like I do. One thing that was fun in these files was the redacted information (and guessing why it had been redacted) and some of the notes in the files from the scribes to each other.

Interspersed in these files are stories that fit into the regular Blue Bloods story arc. Many are "missing scenes"-- how Schuyler and Jack first started their clandestine meetings and how the ended, where Dylan went after fleeing New York, and more of the conversation between Mimi and Kingsley at the bar in The Van Alen Legacy. There is also a story about Bliss and how she first meets up with the Hounds of Hell (we'll FINALLY get this series in April!)

There is a lot of character and plot recap that was a bit boring as I tend to remember small details from stories (but where I put me keys? Who knows?!) BUT, I did really like the short stories that helped flesh out the story and characters and their relationships. Fans will skip portions of this, but looooooooooove the other parts.

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