Monday, November 29, 2010


Did you all have a lovely holiday?

Mine was great and now I'm back from my blogging vacation with a BIG FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! (as promised)

But first, a review...

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the FutureThe Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future Dav Pilkey

So, the conceit here is that, like The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, this is another comic book written by George and Harold, the stars of Captain Underpants.

Ook and Gluk are two cave kids in 500,001 BC who like to annoy their evil chief. After defeating the chief, the big trouble begins because the chief finds that one of his descendants has built a time portal from 2222 AD and is using it to steal the prehistoric world of all the natural resources that no longer exist in the future.

Ook and Gluk and their baby dinosaur, Lily, go to the future to defeat them and end up learning the ways of kung-fu.

Lots of great lessons from martial arts here--

The mind is stronger than the flesh. It can defeat any opponent, no matter how strong.

The best fighters do not show their anger. The wisest warrior wins without a battle.

AND! Lots of flip-o-rama action-- 9 different flip-o-ramas.

Now, as this was "written" by George and Harold the spelling and grammar are awful (not helped by the fact that half the characters speak caveman). I don't mind this in concept. If we fight for realism in our books, I think we need to fight for it at all ages-- younger kids don't spell perfectly and don't speak perfectly. I have no problem with books aimed at younger kids mirroring this reality. Especially because I think most kids get it-- the know it's wrong, but at the same time it's reassuring that not everyone is a perfect speller.

But, as an adult reader, the spelling is a little annoying and sometimes I had to think about a word before realizing what it was supposed to be (reading out loud helps with this.)

You can see an inside peek here!

More than anything though, as fun as this book was, and as much as the kids I know like it, the kids have only one question, and it's a question I share-- WHEN DO WE GET NEW CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS?!


Scholastic is sponsoring a huge holiday gift giveaway for one lucky winner.

Here's their required text:

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Anna said...

My daughter loves the Captain Underpants books and she wants to read this one, too. I don't like it when kids books have tons of intentional misspellings, but this does sound like a fun story.