Monday, October 04, 2010

Strange Case of Origami Yoda

The Strange Case of Origami YodaThe Strange Case of Origami Yoda Tom Angleberger

Dwight is one of the biggest weirdos at McQuarrie Middle School, and when he starts carrying around an Origami Yoda on his finger and dispensing advice in the worst Yoda-voice ever, it's pretty par for the course. Except... Origami Yoda gives good advice, advice that Dwight would never be able to give in a million years. Does Origami Yoda have special powers? Tommy needs to know if Origami Yoda's real or not, because Origami Yoda told Tommy to do something and Tommy's a bit afraid.

So, Tommy collects different stories of his classmates' interactions with Origami Yoda in an attempt to decide whether or not to trust his advice.

What results is a very fun and funny book about middle school, friends, girls, and, of course, the Force. With fun illustrations dotting the margins and other students' comments on the case files, this is book readers are sure to love.

All the love this book has gotten is spot-on and I'm just adding mine to the pile.

ALSO, there are instructions in the back so you can make your own Origami Yoda!

I've had a lot of fun booktalking this one by sticking my own Origami Yoda on my finger and doing my horrible Yoda voice and having the following conversation with myself:

Me: So, Origami Yoda, is this book any good?

Yoda: Hmmm... Funny it is. Read it you shall. Like it you will. But! A warning I have...

Me: A warning?

Yoda: Do not drink milk while reading this book, or laugh so hard, shoot it out your nose, you will.

Me: Good advice. Thanks Origami Yoda!

Book Provided by... my local library

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Anna (Diary of an Eccentric) said...

I have to get my hands on this book for my daughter. She loves Yoda!