Monday, October 11, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: The Time Book

The Time Book: A Brief History from Lunar Calendars to Atomic ClocksThe Time Book: A Brief History from Lunar Calendars to Atomic Clocks Martin Jenkins, illus. Richard Holland

Well, there are just a few more days left to nominate your favorite titles for a Cybil award! And, just in time, I found a few of the files with my reviews of last year's Cybil's nominees!

The Time Book offers a very short introduction to time, both as a concept and the history of how humans have measured it. It talks about how plants and animals deal in seasons and days, and how humans invented various calendars (and why)-- there's even a brief history of European adoption of the Gregorian calendar. It then gets into clocks-- starting with early sundials and moving to the atomic clock, with a brief diversion for time zones.

It takes some big concepts and makes them understandable and fun for young readers, all without reading like a "report" book. What really sets this apart though is the illustration and design. Holland's quirky collage illustrations often incorporate Jenkins's text, so next to a picture of Egyptian pyramids, the text is also pyramid shaped. It has a similar feel to Lauren Child or Terry Gilliams animations for Monty Python.

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