Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hex Hall

Hex Hall (Book 1)Hex Hall Rachel Hawkins

First off, shout-out to Green Bean Teen Queen for writing the review that made me finally pick up this book. I had read several reviews and where it seemed nice, nothing made me think "I must pick this up now!" until I read

If Harry Potter married Samantha from Bewitched and had a chick lit baby, with a smidge of A Great and Terrible Beauty, and a dash of Nancy Drew’smystery solving, you would get Hex Hall.

I mean, how could I not pick it up after that (totally accurate by the way) description?

Sophie Mercer is a witch that's been raised by her mortal mother. When a love spell goes wrong, she's sent to Hecate Hall-- aka reform school for witches, fairies, and shapeshifters. Sophie quickly realizes she's out of her depth because she doesn't know anything about the Prodigium and their ways.

Or the fact that the father she's never met is the Head of the Council, aka the guy who sentenced them all to Hex Hall.

But when the Mean Girls are also the only dark witches on campus (besides Sophie) and Sophie's only real friend is an outcast vampire with an unnatural like for hot pink, and her main crush is head Mean Girl's boyfriend? Oiy.

Things go from bad to worse when dark witches start turning up dead with all of their blood drained and all the suspicion is on Jenna (the vampire). Sophie knows Jenna didn't do it, but can't figure out how to prove it...

Overall, it's a fun mystery with a few really cool twists. I love how Sophie covers her fear and vulnerability with sarcasm. I also like how she deals with the situation she finds herself thrown into-- she doesn't totally fall apart, but she also doesn't slide right into it. She strikes the right balance to make her believable without being weak.

I had a very hard time putting this one down and am rather impatiently counting down the days until March, when Demonglass comes out!

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Oh yay-I made you read a book!:) So glad you liked it!