Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Fizzy-Whiz Kid

The Fizzy Whiz KidThe Fizzy Whiz Kid Maiya Williams

Mitch moves around a lot, and has a list of ways to make starting a new school in the middle of the year a bit easier. The most important rule is DON'T STAND OUT. But... at his new school in Hollywood, everyone stands out. All of his classmates have famous parents and they're all dreaming big. Mitch's "normalness" is making him stand out. In order to blend in, he auditions for a commercial, gets it, and becomes an overnight sensation... and lets the fame get to his head and becomes a total jerk.

At the heart, this is really a story about a new kid trying to fit in and the various struggles that entails. But, what makes this great is the Hollywood background. Williams has worked in Hollywood for years and it shows-- the good and the bad are shown here, as well as a full cast of show business people. There's the spoiled kid whose birthday party gets turned into a massive schmooze event for his parents, the little person on-set tutor with an outrageous fashion sense (my favorite character!), the animal trainer with the hilarious monkey, the little-known but hardworking character actor who's in everything, and the sleazy agent.

I also loved all the Star Wars stuff and how a special effects guy decorates his house for Halloween. I also liked the lists that Mitch makes. I actually could have used more lists!

A lot of fun and good food for thought on the price, and fleeting-ness, of fame.

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