Thursday, October 28, 2010

Clementine Friend of the Week

Clementine, Friend of the WeekClementine, Friend of the Week Sarah Pennypacker

It's Clementine's turn to be Friend of the Week. Not only is she in charge of the milk money, being line leader, and feeding the fish, but at the end of the week, all of her classmates will write a booklet about her.

Clementine wants to make sure that her classmates have good things to say about her in her booklet, so tries to find nice things she can do for them-- free tattoos at lunch, promising they can use all of her dad's crazy holiday decorations for their bikes at the big bike rally...

But then she and Margaret get into a HUGE FIGHT.

And, even worse, Moisturizer goes missing. Clementine completely forgets about Friend of the Week as she tries to find her kitten, only to remember after she thinks she let everyone down.

Clementine's voice and way of looking at the world continue to positively delight me. And her illustration work in this series continues to be my favorite Marla Frazee work. (I like her best in black and white.)

Clementine always makes me smile and even though she cried a lot in this book (as would you, if youre kitten went misisng!)  she still made me laugh.

Another great addition to a super-strong, super-awesome series.

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