Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Witch

The Wednesday Witch Ruth Chew

The Wednesday Witch's magic is stronger on Wednesdays. She has a scrawny, talking black cat and flies on a vacuum cleaner named James. One Wednesday, when Mary Jane's mother is out of house, Mary Jane opens her mother's new bottle of perfume. Attracted by the smell of Mischief* the Wednesday Witch comes to Mary Jane's house, and accidentally leaves her cat behind... when she comes back the next week to get her cat back, she accidentally leaves behind her flying vacuum cleaner. Mary Jane and her friends have several adventures and misunderstandings with teachers and parents caused by the cat and the vacuum cleaner. When the witch returns a final time, she ends up shrunken, and with flying roller skates. Together with Mary Jane, they come up with a plan and a spell to return things to rights.

It's a nice, gentle story with fun adventures. A really great book for advanced reader who's ready for longer, harder books, without harder content. It's definitely old-fashioned, but in the best sense. It was fun and enjoyable. I don't think I read this one as a child, but I wish I had. It was the type of story I loved and devoured. Usually when I say that, it's because my 8-year-old self would have enjoyed the book so much more than my adult-self does. This time, though, it just reminded me what it was like to read when I was young, which is such a great gift.

Sadly, it's out of print, but hopefully you can find one at a library or used book sale...

*I love the word play between the witch smelling mischief and the name of the perfume.

Book Provided by... my local library

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