Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pysch Major Syndrome

Psych Major SyndromePsych Major Syndrome Alicia Thompson

Leigh is a freshman at Stiles College where she must contend with academic arch-nemeses, her high school boyfriend, her high school boyfriend's hott but moody roommate, grad school pressure already, and a junior high mentee. Her roommate is awesome, her relationship with her boyfriend is... weird. Meanwhile, she's trying to figure everything out while not flunking out.

The plot is pretty basic (why are things weird with my jerk boyfriend and why am I having dreams about his super hott roommate?)

But really, this reminded me of a Meg Cabot* novel in all the best ways. The voice, the style of writing, the being completely neurotic while still a strong woman? Funny characters and great parents? Check to all the above.

I loved Leigh's voice and have a huge crush on Nate the roommate. I loved Leigh's roommate Ami and wanted to see Leigh's parents' psychic B&B.

Very funny with good romantic tension and I LOVE seeing books set in college. We need more about college students.

My one complaint? If campus is so small, why is she DRIVING to Andrew's dorm? Also, they have a psych building? And a different one for math? I went to a super-small college too, and psych and math had a share a building. They also had to share it with computer science, chemistry, biology, physics, and the occasional religious studies seminar. Other than that though, the small-college life details are pretty spot-on.

This is the first book I read after finishing Mockingjay. I needed something completely different while I recovered from the trauma and this fit the bill perfectly! Fun and sweet and the perfect happy-making book.

Overall, a super-fun book that I very much enjoyed.

*I actually read this because Meg Cabot sang its praises on her blog. The other book she recommended that I read was Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia. Clearly, her taste in books is awesome.

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