Thursday, September 23, 2010

Palace of Mirrors

Palace of MirrorsPalace of Mirrors Margaret Peterson Haddix

Cecelia has spent her whole life training to be a princess, because she is the true princess, hidden from her enemies, waiting until she can take her rightful throne. She spends a lot of time daydreaming about the reward she'll give the commoner who's been pretending to be the princess for her all this time.

When Cecelia finally sets out to the capitol to claim her throne, she finds Princess Desmia has spent her whole life being warned of pretenders to the throne. In fact, she has an entire dungeon full of girls who claim to be the real princess, who have stories exactly like Cecelia's.

Desmia and Cecelia live in Suala, the kingdom that Fridesia is at war with in Just Ella (And Ella makes an appearance here). Luckily Desmia's not a bad person and has Ella counseling her an they quickly realize that while the girls in the dungeon can't all the real princess, there are larger forces at work here.

I liked this one. Cecelia really annoyed me throughout most of the book-- she was a bit mentally spoiled. She didn't have a lot of material goods, but believing she was the true princess, she was more than a little high and mighty. I really liked Harper (crush on him!)

I don't think that court intrigue is Haddix's strong point (at least, not what I've seen with Just Ella and Palace of Mirrors) but I did enjoy both books, this one more than Just Ella.

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