Friday, September 10, 2010

Never Cry Werewolf

Never Cry WerewolfNever Cry Werewolf Heather Davis

After getting caught out after curfew, Shelby's evil stepmother sends her off the brat camp-- where the children of the wealthy go to fix their problems, both real and imagined. Shelby thinks her stepmother is just out to get her, but she does have some issues with rules and knows she needs to shape up, or things are about to get a whole lots worse. Then she meets Austin, the son of a notorious rock star. Austin's a werewolf who needs her help. Austin wants her to trust him. The only problem is? Trusting cute guys with outlandish stories is how she ended up in this mess in the first place and Shelby doesn't want to keep repeating her mistakes over and over again...

A quick and fun read, here's why I liked this even though I'm starting to burn out on paranormal romance: Austin's dark and mysterious (with a British accent!) but he's not that moody and where he looks like a bad boy, he's not. He's just a lonely kid with a huge secret that would ruin his family if the press ever found out. Shelby's made mistakes and does some stupid stuff, but she's not weak-willed and spineless. Also, while the attraction between then is pretty instantaneous, it's not love at first site. More like "dude, this guy is seriously hot and I want to make out with him" that then grows into something deeper and more meaningful. I also really liked Shelby's growth. At the beginning, everything is all her stepmother's fault. Through the book she realizes that while her stepmother is pretty evil, Shelby still needs to take responsibility for her actions. I also like how, at the end, not everything's resolved. I think there could be a sequel here, there are some unfinished things and hints that would make a good second book, but there doesn't need to be one.

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