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Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up

Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-UpKeena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up Melissa Thomson

Keena's in BIG trouble. She accidentally left her journal at Tiffany's house. Tiffany says that if Keena tells, or doesn't do exactly what Tiffany says, she'll tell EVERYONE what Keena wrote about them in her journal. Keena's written some not-so-nice stuff, like how her mom's new haircut makes her look like an old lady, or how she thinks Linney's lying about staying up all night at her slumber party, and that Eric was annoying her with all his bragging about going to a Washington Wizards game...

But, going along with Tiffany's plans just makes more problems and, to top it all off, Keena's brother Brian is getting in trouble at school and saying that he wants to move in with their dad.

But, this is Keena, so she faces her problems with a good dose of humor. We get a lot more of Tiffany and Linny in this book, and man, do I really like Linny. That's a girl who has her head on straight. I also really like the relationship between Keena and her brother. They tease and fight and annoy each other, but when Keena needs him, Brian is there with good advice.

I love, love, love me some Keena Ford. I'm always throwing these books at kids (metaphorically, not literally. We have a "no throwing books in the library" rule.) It's a pretty easy sell at work-- it's about a girl who lives in the area and has pretty universal issues. Frank Morrison does a great job illustrating the books and frankly, most of my girls are sold on the covers alone. The boys need a little more selling. Luckily, she's pretty funny.

I did not know why Brian was in so much trouble for being a clown at school. Clowns are funny. I wrote that I didn't like the way Mrs. Harris talked about Brian maybe going to jail when he grew up. It was mean of her to say that, and I have never heard of anyone having to go to jail for being a clown. You might have to go to the circus if you are a clown, but I don't think you have to go to jail.*

Keena has one of my favorite voices in children's literature. I love the fact that the official website for her books is written by her, so you get things like this

...the book about my field trip is a PAPERBACK book now. A paperback book is a book that costs less money than a hardback book and it has a cover that is kind of floppy.

Keena is the perfect book to give to your Clementine fans. (Which I also pair with Ramona and Allie Finkle although those books are slightly older, not so much in content, but in reading level.)

And, if that doesn't sell you on the book, on her personal site, Melissa Thomson has a list of reasons why Keena Ford and the Secret Journal Mix-Up is like Mockingjay.

*Quoted from the ARC, so it might have changed, but I hope not.

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I will have to add Keena Ford to my book order. Thanks for the enlightening review!