Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glee: The Beginning

Glee: The Beginning: An Original Novel (Glee Original Novels)Glee: The Beginning: An Original Novel Sophia Lowell

Ok, this is an original novel, but it reads like a novelization of an episode that never aired. A novelization aimed at someone who has never seen the show before.

Clunky writing aside, this book tells the story of what happened before the pilot episode-- when Quinn first started dating Finn, when Rachel first joined Glee. Before Mr. Schu entered the picture.

Sadly, it ties in too much that happens later in the season- like Finn already has a sorta crush on Rachel completely ignoring the relationship build up and Rachel knows that he's dating Quinn, even though Finn tells her that in one of the early episodes. Also, it keeps stating that Puck's name is Puck Puckerman, even though in the series Rachel always calls him Noah (and his character name on IMDB is Noah "Puck" Puckerman).

Also, on the page, it doesn't strike the same balance between ironic camp and complete earnestness that make the show work so well.

That said, I went into the book with low expectations (come on! It's a novel based on a TV series. I wasn't expecting John Green here. Although John Green writing Glee novels would be awesome.) So, despite it's flaws I did enjoy it. It was pretty much exactly what I expected to be. It was still a fun look at the early days of Glee and enough to hold me over until TONIGHT! When we get new Glee! HUZZAH!

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