Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dead is Just a Rumor

Dead Is Just a RumorDead Is Just a Rumor Marlene Perez

Daisy's father is back, and it's not easy. After being away for so long, he has a hard time coming to grips with the fact that Daisy's a senior in high school, has a boyfriend, a job, and isn't used to having a curfew. It's a very hard adjustment period on all sides.

To top it off, someone is blackmailing Nightshade's paranormal community (but not Daisy's family, for some reason.)

And, Daisy won cooking lessons with Circe Silvertongue, the famous TV chef, only Circe's a total rhymes-with-witch.

I had a few problems with this one-- where was Daisy's mom to talk her dad down from some of the craziness? Also, the thing with Circe was obvious to me, especially because HER NAME WAS CIRCE AND SHE HAD A PET PIG WITH MOURNFUL EYES.

But, I did still like it, I liked the blackmail mystery and the tension as Daisy got used to her father again.

And Ryan continues to be hot and awesome. Yum. Ryan.

And I love that Jukebox even more.

The next book, Dead Is Not an Option comes out in May and is the last in the series. I can't wait.

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