Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blast from the Past

Blast From The Past (Allie Finkle's Rules For Girls)Blast From The Past Meg Cabot

New Allie Finkle! New Allie Finkle! New Allie Finkle!

Allie's class is going on a field trip. She's excited because events have always consipired against her so she's never actually been on a field trip before. She's also never ridden on a school bus before and Rosemary, who rides the bus every day has promised her that "if you sat near the back, over the real wheels, and the bus went over a pothole or the train tracks too fast, you went sailing up into the air... it was the most amazing thing I'd ever heard."*

BUT! They're going to Honeypot Prairie, which is a living history museum AND because of budget issues, they have to share a bus and field trip with Allie's old fourth grade class. And when Cheyenne and Brittany Hauser team up, well... watch out. They're wonder twins of alpha-mean girls, creating snotty discord where ever they go.

Allie's in a pretty bad mood for most of this book and drags everyone else down with her, but only Allie can save the day in the end. Everything I've ever said about Allie still stands. I mean, how can you not like Allie? She's strong and smart and a good friend and good sister. Plus, she's just funny. Even though the funniest line in the book goes to Sophie, when they're complaining that their parents say they're not responsible enough for cell phones yet:

I know what you mean, Allie, about being responsible. It's not fair. My mom was so distracted over her PhD the other day that she left her laptop on the roof of the car and drove all around town with it like that until someone finally told her when she was stopped at a read light. But my dad didn't say she couldn't have a cell phone.*

Plus the part where Allie discovers George Washington's rules was just awesome.

*All quotations are from the ARC, so they might be different in the final version, but I hope they stay the same!

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Charlotte said...

that's excactly why I don't have a cell phone. I give myself 5 days before it's lost...I have left on the roof of my car--a backpack, a wallet, a single credit card, and a hammer (not all at once....)

I've never read these books - they sound like fun!