Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Depending on how often my feed feeds to your feed reader, or if you clicked over at the right minute, y'all just got a sneak peek of Thursday's Fables post.

Oh, the joys of sloppy pre-scheduling.

Anyway, it's down now and you can wait until Thursday to read it if you missed it, BUT! to make up for it, check out this twitter feed: Chrisvstwilight with such amazing tweets as:

How can a book about a werewolf who builds motorcycles be this boring? 

At this point, I have to wonder how much of this book is going to be devoted to the fact that Bella is really, really, really sad. #wegetit
It's like if Dickens had taken 200 pages to establish that Marley was really, really, really really really dead.

He reads Twilight  so you don't have to.   

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