Monday, August 23, 2010

Nonfiction Monday: Beyond

Beyond: A Solar System VoyageBeyond: A Solar System Voyage Michael Benson

Visually stunning. Benson takes full advantage of all the photographs sent back to Earth from the various satellites and telescopes and robotic explorers that we've sent into space over the years.

Exploring our solar system-- our Moon, the other planets, the asteroid belt, and some major moons of other planets, Benson walks us through the history of what humankind has thought about each body over the centuries and what we know now.

Throughout, there are many photographs of each body, helping illustrate his points.

It's a perfect combination of art, history, and science. It's fascinating and readable. While it is published for elementary school and middle school readers, I think it's really an all-ages book.

And seriously, it's jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Or at least, it does a really good job of showing the beauty of our solar system, because that's what's really so visually amazing.

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