Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Night Tourist

The Night TouristThe Night Tourist Katherine Marsh

While on his way home from New York City, Jack meets Euri at Grand Central Station. Euri promises to show him something cool, so he follows. What Euri shows him is the New York underworld. Not like in the crime-and-gangster sense, but in the Greek and Roman afterlife sense. Jack wants to see his dead mother one last time. He has three nights before he has to leave, or stay forever. Meanwhile, he has to outrun crooked cops who want to feed him to Cerebus as punishment for being alive.

A great, quick read that offers a different take on the recent literature obsession with the ancient Greeks and Romans (which is an obsession in 110% cool with.) I love all the people, famous and not, that Jack runs across in his travels through the underworld and how the dead govern themselves and use the city as their nighttime playground. I love the though that Marsh put into the dynamics of being a spirit who hasn't yet passed into Elysium-- some are ok with it and some, like Euri are very much not. It was great to see this world from an ordinary person instead of the god or goddess point of view. It's a really interesting look at what a Roman afterlife would be like in our modern world, while still being a great story about friendship, life, and loss.

I'm looking forward to reading the sequel, The Twilight Prisoner

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