Friday, August 20, 2010

New Adventures of Jack and Jack

Jack of Fables Vol. 7: The New Adventures of Jack and JackJack of Fables Vol. 7: The New Adventures of Jack and Jack Bill Willingham

After the great literal battle, Jack and Gary are on the road, Jack never letting his money out of his sight. We start with a side story about Jack's time as King of the Apes. So, it's Jack's spin on how he was really Tarzan, but most of the animals he meets are talking Fables, including Pooh and Friends by other names (you can label him Saunders, but a stuffed bear who hangs out with a stuffed Piglet and Donkey and says "Oh Bother?") and a very curious monkey named George.

Then, the real story begins. Jack is getting touchier and touchier about the money and also really gaining weight and getting uglier and uglier. I thought they were going for some sort of Dorian Gray thing, but they weren't. The real reason is even funnier and better.

At the same time, Jack Frost has renounced the powers of his mother and has ventured into the homelands, performing good deeds with a wooden owl named MacDuff.

And, of course, random delusional interludes by Babe the Blue Ox.

I actually really liked this one. I liked Jack Frost's story, especially once he comes against the evil sorcerer.

Plus... what happens to Jack Horner is priceless. And perfect.

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