Tuesday, August 24, 2010


ImpossibleImpossibleNancy Werlin

Short version-- it's a novelization of Scarborough Fair.

Longer version-- Lucy has a good life with her foster parents, even if her crazy birth mother, Miranda, shows up periodically to remind her how precarious it is. As Lucy prepares for the end of her junior year, everything goes wrong. Lucy's family is the subject of an ancient curse placed by a vengeful Elfin Knight. He worms his way into Lucy's current family, causes her prom date to rape and impregnate her, and is willing to claim her as his prize, like he claimed Miranda when Lucy was born and Miranda's mother when Miranda was born and so on through the generations. Lucy's only hope is to solve the riddles of the song-- to make a magical shirt without a seam or fine needlework, to find an acre of land between the salt water and the sea strand, and to plow it with just a goat's horn and so it all over with one grain of corn.

This is one of those I really enjoyed while reading it, but didn't do much for me afterwards. Lucy changes pretty dramatically in ways I don't always fully buy. Also, while I didn't like the Elfin Knight on principle, some of his actions were a little too easy-- he was really charismatic and everyone loved him and told him everything he needed to know, even things they'd never tell anyone else, and then he wiped their mind so they don't remember. It was frustrating, and not just because he was the bad guy, but he was just so... flatly bad to the point where he just started annoying me instead of me fearing that he might get Lucy, like he wanted.

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GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

"This is one of those I really enjoyed while reading it, but didn't do much for me afterwards"

-Love that! That totally describes how I felt with this one-I liked it a lot and enjoyed it while reading, but it wasn't one I thought about much after. It was interesting though because I read this shortly after Breaking Dawn and where that teen pregnancy and marriage weirded me out, I was OK with this one.

Jennie said...

Your comment got me thinking because I also didn't have a problem with this marriage and pregnancy. I think the pregnancy thing because it was obviously enchanted and the baby was eating her from the inside out. (I didn't really have an idea with the Bella's pregnancy until it started killing her.)

The marriage... well, I think it was OK here because there was a reason they weren't waiting besides getting it on. Also, their relationship seemed much healthier and stable than Bella and Edward's.