Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fables: The Great Fables Crossover

Fables: Great Fables Crossover (Fables 13)Fables: Great Fables Crossover Bill Willingham

So, this collects not just the next few issues of Fables, but also the next few issues of Jack of Fables, and all four issues of The Literals. Over all 9 issues, we have the entire story where Jack and the literals end their battle once and for all.

Some updates on the Fables story-- Mr. Dark is still wrecking havoc in Manhattan and his evil presence if felt up on the farm-- Bigby, the Beast, and Clara are crankier than normal and we finally see Bigby and Beast throw down.

Jack gets the Fables to help in his fight, but first beds Rose, who refuses to get out of bed and run things because her depression over Blue's death. And many of the animals think Jack is Blue come back.

Jack's son, Jack Frost has come back to help and in order to get rid of him, Jack Horner sends him on a quest to prove his worth. (Waaaaaay too many Jacks here!)

Of course, my favorite bits are the the parts with Kevin Thorne and the literals. There's the comedic value of how Kevin keeps trying to write Bigby out (and turn him into a pink elephant) but I most enjoyed the gathering of the genres and the roles they play in the battle.

I just like meta-fiction, and when meta-fiction elements go into battle against what they've created... well... it's pretty fun. Especially because if Kevin wins, he wipes us all out so he can rewrite the story from the beginning...

A really fun way to do the crossover-- a good flavor of both series and a good finish to the storyline...

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