Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carrie Diaries

The Carrie DiariesThe Carrie Diaries Candace Bushnell

So, full disclosure upfront, I've only ever seen the show and movies of Sex and the City and haven't read the book. The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to the book. Carrie's trying to navigate high school, her youngest sister has turned into a juvenile delinquent, and she's trying to decide what to do next with her life. She's been rejected from the New School's writing program and will probably end up at Brown, which is where her father went and wants her to go. She's staunchly feminist and wears wacky clothing and tries to be a good friend.

The main part of the book is Carrie trying to juggle two relationships-- one with George, a college student she met while interviewing at Brown and Sebastian Kydd-- the bad boy every girl wants who's just come back to town.

While I really enjoyed the bits with Carrie and her friends and family, the romantic main plot left me cold. I couldn't understand why George liked Carrie (he meets a high school kid and starts a relationship with her even though she lives over an hour away? Really? WHY?) or what was going on with her and Sebastian. Lots of telling and not showing. I never bought either relationship and therefore didn't care, which left me bored for large portions of the book. Which is sad, because the dynamics of her social group, the bullying, and her relationship with her sisters was really well done and I wanted more of that.

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Unknown said...

I haven't read the book of Sex and the City either but it's supposed to be very different from the tv show. Thanks for your review as I keep seeing this in shops and wondering if it is any good or not.