Friday, July 09, 2010


Much thanks to Liz B for reminding me that Kidlitcon 2010 is on its way! I'm still trying to make the dates work, but I hope I'll be able to be there.

The organizers are looking for presentations, still, if you have an awesome idea about presenting stuff...

I don't have any awesome ideas on what to present, but I do have an idea of what I want to see--

I'd love to have a session or two about the nitty-gritty technical stuff. Like, here's how to use some basic CSS to tweak your template to make it look the way you want it to look without paying anyone else to do it for you. Here are things to keep in mind when designing your blog-- no white text on dark background, etc. Or, here are things you need to know to make your posts appear ok across browsers and for people who read your blog directly, or on an RSS feed, etc. Or 10 widgets you should consider using and why, and how to add them to your blog.

Does anyone have those skills? Because I'd love to take that session!

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