Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia

Alcatraz Versus The Knights Of CrystalliaAlcatraz Versus The Knights Of Crystallia Brandon Sanderson

Either you like Alcatraz or you don't. He plays with narrative and is very much talking directly to the reader which really annoys some people, but personally, I find it hilarious, which is why I keep reading the series.

Alcatraz has finally made it to the free lands, only the find that his dad's an emotionally distant, self-obsessed jerk and the librarians are all over the place, including his mother. Meanwhile, Bastille risks being stripped of her knightship because she lost her sword at the end of the last book.

Lost of sands changing hands, weird freelander technology, and many evil librarians trying to rule the world.

Like I said, it's not the story so much that keeps me reading, but just that I love Alcatraz's voice.

Brace yourselves. Something very, very strange is about to happen. Stranger than talking dinosaurs. Stranger than glass birds. Stranger, even, than my analogies to fish sticks.

Bastille got teary eyed. Then she hugged me.

Girls, might I made a suggestion at this point? Don't go around hugging people without warning. To many of us (a number somewhere near half), this is akin to pouring an entire bottle of seventeen-alarm hot sauce in our mouths.

I believe that at this point in the story, I made several very interesting and incoherent noises, followed--perhaps--by a blank expression and then some numb-faced drooling.

If you've enjoyed the earlier books, you'll like this one too. If you didn't, this won't change your mind.

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